Wednesday, July 6, 2011

RIP Manitoba Moose 1996-2011

With the Jets moving back into town, the Manitoba Moose were given their walking papers. And although the franchise will be moving to Saint John's, they will most certainly not be called the Moose. The Moose have been my favorite team since I became a BIG minor league hockey fan back in 1996, so it will be a strange feeling next October when the AHL season starts, and there is no Moose.
I have been collecting Moose media guides since 1996, and also have the two Minnesota Moose guides as well, so I was little surprised when I realized that I had not purchased my copy of the 2010/11 media guide and the season was over. Once I realized that the Moose were done, I made sure to place my order online. Luckily for me, I managed to get my order in just weeks before the official Moose merchandise store closed its doors forever.
Happily they threw in a copy of the 2010-11 Year Book with my order, along with a package of Moose holiday gift tag labelz.
My one one big disappointment is that the final 2010/11 media guide is not a print book, but rather a CD-ROM, which may be great for quickly finding stats, but its not going to be much use in 10+ years when there is no such thing as a CD-ROM player!

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